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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Park, February 1957"

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,ir» jei* — — «*J- - 


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J^ellpwstore national park 



This file constitutes a part of the official records of the 
National Park Service and should not be separated or papers 
withdrawn without express authority of the official in charge. 

All Files should be returned promptly to the File Room. 

Officials and employees will be held responsible for failure 
to observe these rules, which are necessary to protect the 
integrity of the official records. 







i.eport 1:1 

Hi~U'^ X ilt-'i^ 


SuBBAiy of the February 1957 Konthloc" narrative Iteport 

o o 

Wnrui St dry, :.«i,.-..^w.i ..^Kis^ium 47 , id-nirawn -^.' ; pai^-; 

I'laxirain 4^3 , ridaL'iOEa -.IB*^, ijJiow depths. 





?q3CELLA?E:0U3 ; 

gSATC3 ; 



^/v visitors, IH^ oversnow. 


Reg. Persoiinel Crfficer :>itj^osl-:Y left 27th« 
Keview Team (Harvey, Hajtclcv' - Castro} in. Jl.?. 
Grand, •Jorc'.w' Service in re predator control. Glacier 
AduLn. Officer Busse:,'' iii to see otie^^io^ry. 

Joe Van iJorpver ^- v.*e. yan Ali®i ii'- for pictures for 
Sports Illu- :d. 

Garrison froiti OEiaha to Denver, L^et Telephone Co. L«n, 
BPR, hLrueger & Ilattson, inet Judge iveir at Gheyenije, 
returned 7t}i. Garrison, Ha^rdlton, 3rcwi, Condon lo -,. 
Yell, for oiKjmobile trip, postj,K>ned d\i& Itgc^t. rea.-:. 
not arriving then. Same raen, and vd.Yes, to Liv'in.»;sto:i 
FtotaiT". G»rri«>n ij Joffe to Bozei-jm* on r'elocation 
Gardin«r daap k to iiotary. aa.ndlion to Denver r^«et 
with Telephone Go. re contracts. Condon to ilssoula 
talk to School of Public Adadn. I other groups. 
KittairjB bade from Ai.-!,. Soc. I-arkge LgKit. raeetin,', to 
BowB^tm & on aerial buffalo <jo\mt. ^^ j of 

Thorofare by plane. Livingston Cli. of Coi . i. *in in 
re keeping open Morth-3outh iai£;hway. Ite^^.. Dir. rveet- 
in/j: in '-iash. 'jtaff ft squad r.ieetings. I^ew l-^auanoth 
?ire Dept. ^fe3so re televisicn antennas. Urr-'- -* , 
U3?S, Bozerian, retired. 

■"'^"- uiucoijig. AF-^"' - — ^tin£ & election. 
Louis 3tipac of Gardiner, par?: Triend > supr 


Son bom to hlr, ^ Krs. Thoiias UalliJi, daui^'hter to Vt* 
& Hrs. Dale 3c j\* 

liargaret Jharker '<■ '^fm. BilL^!an r-sirried. 

Henry Pjratt, o^^r-^MuiQl Glcr^:; Thoa. Gray to !?eavy Duty 
>iech.; l-ester Gillf*^t to y^tt^.* Auto i'ech.; Icobt. ShariJ 
froa .3 i>up. lianfrer to Siolof^ist, 

e^SI. a3TAT3 a3Tll4U 

SmI i-vs^ jqOiHHTHl 3HT "^O TW3MTf^Aq3a 

30iy P3Z y\9iA^ JAirlOITAH 

.OYW .>if!Aq 3MOT2WOJJ3Y TviaanaTniaaqua 3kt no aomo 

"wgj^ -^ ti^^^r'T^X*** t">-'jr' , *'?°-'^'?^'?^ 

:<9itT <^4 


■ '■^ asju 



TiiAii:i::a ; 






a£Fi'/ICB3 t 



Reg, A, J. 3. PilL ■ Supply Officer, I'oton. 

Aserlliid furlouj'tied xror: ;a.' rcjJ. Clorl-. ; Tracy returned 
as Fire Control Aid, Tetrip. appts. Cler-k-3tono of 
Ilrs# I^llligan fl ilrs# Kurtz; of Berena as Jtorokeeper 
Clerk; terri, Vjts, ilatKiack as Clerk Jteno, Personnel 
Officer ■• Personnel Asst, to Gw)-ll u GS-9» 

Training Coritt, met; progra^ii discussed; protection 
program approAred; general employee rueetiiv- recorricndod. 
]"ion to attend Training Course in OiiiaJm, vjki train - 
ing« Foi'oat fire review, veekl^j i^'ev/s. 

Hevised Ijamrooth Building Fire Cn ilar. 

ilecapitulation of building fi- i. 

Jxir sai-aplin^ station in cooperation with U;iP!W» 

No auto accidents but cars off G. 

Pr«88 releases re Establishjrant Day and road openinjp. 
Picture in USS Yellowstone paper '♦Old Faithful'' of 
ptioto sent by Yellowstone, vdth . 1957 broad- 

side draft x»eviewed and re . i,v,f;nO 19 >6 

broadsides on hand» 

3unday School &i Church Sejrvices. 

Various talks by Condon listed, lellowstono movies 
being used on loan, 

New place nair«s subcdtted, iricl, for Meldrur;. :'ountain, 
■tjoirlng iiildlife furnished info on wolvea. ''.cotini^ 
vdth ?a5f/3 rnan re co^rote control near pai*k, PrOf-ress 
report received on Arinitage stud;/ on ifiarrsiOt, Chanr;es 
in I-2incrva oprincs, 

YUiA check to Yoseid-te, loan lor purer laae property, 
■dition Plants book; copi-. ' ' ok review 

L /incston iijiterprise , 3i . oxi^Xix. • 

}iarler Old Faithful book revised for i\ 



Concession officials to '.Vci, ionf, of K. P, 

Concessioners in Wash, DC, YPCo, rate ainendroents. 
I.ates for new Can Its, 

Plowing snow & cleanin/r ice u snow pack from roads, 
<.Marter8 rehabilitation. 

RAiJCER qSjP.VICS : Principal activities listed, incl, reor/^aniaation, 





• fv 


14. "4 

A'^'-^V rS 

asitf&iS.ntfi J.: -*wi>Jt i'-'J 

^siM't:: i^v: 


»■'3EaIl^3■■■^x.» /to ■' 


,.,; <,., ,..-.,.,.„■ 


■; ' ■ '•mam mt i 

T>-- .^.vlT^.^. 





£ ' J;^ '"' JU*>« • xr •»«*. i* ji • . 


:t^-. -T^'-r 

«rei^ .,. . - 

*^' <M4 %«> »'1^ioO 

•aisiaors: i\':yi1'. jfea? w«« A 99 1 ■ 

M ^.. *^ - - 










j^ nr-:fritj!-r Xf.f 



Mwitana Fish i Gaira !tazed 12'"; into trap; sent to 
Nevada and Ik>lese, Ilontana; ta/^/;ed ' classified. 

Klttams classific 
10/i da/iaf^es. 16 uxuv 


cidents, 109 Iri.^iu-ieD .. 
.^t.ar3 killed for co-'-"''. 






FISHt census hy '<itta'-'sj %3 counted. Other ob- 
Moua. 1 at Gtevens Creek, 


F*^*r Service stian in ro coyote control near pasHk :'• 

'V, station near Tepoe Greek near west boundary, 11 

Direct reductlcm through 23rd, 739 Tor sGasor;. 25 
live ell nth for Kcw IjsxIco ^ i--i3ntai: ' inf> 

Trappin/, r,j.j.j. continue. • '-ilner huntjjii; .,j vu i*e~ 
closed IGth, 345 taken oasons, Cj'ipplcd ell; 

killed, 3^ it area, in not too r-ood 

^;.,..«^ bott . .>v>. X. iLv-Ai ay beiniT fed, 11 Vdlled 

-igei'S ;. ..;iirined by FCittai.'is, i^oposal e^ctend 

direct reducticHi to Stcrvens Creek to help hlfpr'ation 
not carried oiit due previous deci.sion close hunting, 11- J 

Kittaas discussed fish natters with Ijontana liien. 






GL„ .ions of ran/re conditions by Kittaiis, !!e 

delivered paper at Ak, .ioc, Iiange Ife^^-t,, Great Pally, 
Study corrij)letod of chan/'es -^'^ "''' stiid^^ plots for 
annual raixf^c rojwrt, 12-13 

Forest fire review with, Two riion here. Letters 
to schools re fire control aid Jobs, liilliitan pro- 
pared cloth-backc ps. Airplane contract 
submitted for rebiuu-in^ ♦ jprin/; training: plane. 13 

Availability fwrcis to creir, i^kJwards to s 

Missoula with USFo iiicn week of larch 4* 

tali: to Eeg, Two staff, Gynn of Uo?3 ad .3 

about purchases of pui^gss, etc, GSA boing contacted 

re rental vehicles for 3RC, 13-1^* 

Requests for sprue* budwon-i control nonoy '; stud^- 
IDDT effects, Studic" ' Insect Lab on ])r©valence. 


Contracts for oai 

aiiiphitheator i;iaterial, 15 

Garriswi ft Hamilton rast 1th Iltn, States 

'^uminf, over ueleplione service to 
oiiw-.., ; - -^ ('■■"-■ contract ai^med, i.'ODC 

getting . ;or systec in ]>ai»k. 




*b^l.. ,.v........ 


■ .'■» t '»»* •*! 




,..,- ....o: 


■A iHmti •^sjmsi S.iy%4iioo »^o*«s® «« gJt our oojhrxdC Vs 

li »^,«y5^w^i Mmi "ts^i -Hse'sC^ ^©s^^i' i!«»«- «miti».*a ao».i:«»q 

.?^ ^i^OS/*^: 'fcfi f^' -■ 

.fi<»t4i fmt4i 

iufcM cNHTtJta 



""•■■.f .. y,.^-.- 


M.^ i>j*.. 


.: vo wi;f*S lU. j«>iV,'MS »• 


" ' - " ^-"^ '■ - ?•-'■■■ ■-••^ 




.a.!****-!.. »3;i''— '-■»■>*■■■» ; i^y'jv..*.^ .1 ;•_■» ^ ..„■-, -s.- >.4.V"-» 

. ^\i/ »'■ -f.'H- 


i<> .'. ..J i..-,i.-. 



: ^ X. 

8i: . .^ 


'tI St 







y.arch 11, 195, 

To: The Dir*«ctor 

Froca Acting ^perintendent , "^''n-^stone liatior'"' "rk 

Subject t f-sofithly iloport for Februaoy 19i>7 

Followii. . ihe report of activities lor leliowstoaw Katioiial 
Ptek during the sonth of February 1957: 


Vjeather Conditiona > .leather durini^: Febn; - ■ ~i-- 

unusual with sub-norii-al ]3recipitetion s-t! abore ? o 
The higji tec^jeratures during the last ind corfjac^ed 

t>M» anew cover considerably' and exposeu i i - :u i-u.a ,i:iro-j.ii the nortiicrti 
elk ran^* 

ithcr susBary at MautsBOth iisadquartsrs is as follows: 
ire 4/ cm. February 17, irdimiajKri teaperatiir*? -^^^ an 

The weat 

ivadmam tvqserature 

February 21, total isrecipitation »% inch, and ii:>axlmm p. .ation 

on one di^ #25 inch «i Febniary ^« 

The aaxir??,^ tcniperature for the p&si-i dsiring Fcbmarj' wus iiif' 

r^inisan was 

at Tower Pall on the 12th and 14th and lAiiar on trie 12th. Tne park 
-IB at West riitrance on t>ie 7ta. 

^ncm courae iia&ourci:«nt» at tlm ' :. ^. — - ^^^^ ■-.- 
follo*«; ]::iorthea3t Entrance 31*0" > East . . , ojlvai 

4^'.5**» JJorris 3^.?*, Canyon 50.2", Lake (uid Ooursej J7*V^, Lake {tasv 
Coarse) 33.8'% Snake Hiver 67.0", O v — I'^iadow 10C,0>', ^ -^ - Uver 
Divide 119.0", AaUr Creek 97-C'*S -. i:ib 74.C^, arid - Greek 


Increaae or Decr<»«e in T; . total of B*)^ xted 

the park tl^Ls uonth. Seren hundred eirht of the visitors traveled t>y 

autouobile and iB6 »itered by overs: < i- ^ rouch */est aiid .iouth 

&tr€tncea. Twenty- five oversnow ve: ?•' people in tlie 

park via the West Zntrance and four overa carried ei<7ht 

people in via the iiouth Entrance. This tr ' ^ ' -i- 

ary 1956 wKm 744 people antered the paii.. 


€^&A rAT3 a3TfHU 

^©^1 HOIflHTHi 3HT lO TH3MTflAq3a 



.OY"wV .>lflA=i 3HOTaWOJJ3Y 

Tyi3aH3T>im3qUE 3HT ^o 33mo 

\e^i »xi ^«»ta^ 



;■ • ■ ■ ■ t'. ' 






.•d5 sr 

Inapectioua . Harold A, i>ne,::osky, P«; 1 Jfficor, :.e£':ion 

Two, who anrlved January 22 to :-■--• -^ •• —■ — -d other 

personnel matters, cieparted Fel; . . 

The Region Two Ilanageroent Eevi:-.- "~a";, con3.1stir,f; of 
Assistant Regional Dii'ector I'lelboume ;. --, iLenional Oiief of 

Operations George F. iiap^ley, and ILe; Inistrative Officer 

I. J» Castro, arrived "''.'-■'^.vZf' 1^ and us^jjeu-uc: '- -lary 1^.. 

Exi^^ene F. ., District Agent, U. o# Fish and V;i2 

Service, 3illin,7B, ..o/. <ata, visited the artja Februar:/" IB f<— -lior- 

ence on 1080 coyote poison stations near- Uio park and otho. .ator 

and rodent control Liatters, 

Fred G» Bussey, Administrative Or 
Park, arrived February 21 to discuss persoimei oatters witn ite^ioiial 
Personnel Officer 3negosk:>-, leaving the saiie day. 

Gi j e cial Joe 7an ssorcjer and -.VilliaL':- Van Allen, of 
Bend, Oregon, wore in the jDark February 7 to talte •''■-' n-^s in the 
LaiBBT area, Ilr. Vaii .^or:.ier returning the 25th foi i^^ to /Id 

Faithful by Snowmobile to get vdjiter pictur-es for' ^2££:- .i:traLcd» 

opecial Activities * Superi arrived in 

Denver February 3 followini? t the i^e^jion i'wo Superin- 

tendents Conference in Onaiia. • ;. . vjui-ioi'^' L he rset with I-iountain 
Slates Telephone and Telegraph Coc^janj'^ officiaiii on telephone con- 
tracts and with Dureau of Public Roads officials, WQX La;: . 
Architect Krueger and Part^ Laisdscape Architect «Uittson viiio ^u^-.^ ji.\ta.y 
from the paxHc Februar;).- 2-6 • On Februar;^'' 5 !>• Garrison i^^t with 
District Jud^ Ewini:: Kerr at Cheyenne, V/yoniini:, on pai^ ratters and 
he returned to park Februarj'- ?• 

Itr. Garrison, Assistant Su; -id^it Mazrdlton, Chief 

Ranger Brown and Park Maturaliot C- i. to Uest ' ^ ' ' for 

a SnowEiobile trip on February 9» , ^^h© trip J 

due to the failure of arrival of the Hegiou Two J^Janajpement iieview 

Teftr; which was to accocqjany thow. They - " - "■ -oven rdles 

towax*d Madison Junction, Ch Pebruarj.' 2, -.ioned i^en and 

i'ianageraent Assistant Joffe, with their wives except rvrs. ilasidlton, 
attended the Livingston Eotarj' Ladies' lilght pro: ■ - , -ndon 

furnished the proiji*a:;i with pictures and a tali^: oi ''atlotxal 

Park Catabli:ili:ajnt Day, lirch 1« Ilessrs. Garrisc . trip 

to Uozenan February It to confer with ^-. un le- 

location of the Gardiner dunqp» They CluL 

DMtlng. Mr. Hamilton left February 27 for uBuver to ? -h 

Mountain States Telephcwie and Tele^Traph Cojiipany officiaj.:> -u ^t. . .-. 


*il -i^,nv;a'^, ^Ci^'-i^-^i:^ ^&S -.'^ Civiru^iJA i;.^,-x.■^?. 4v-,».««»^^ »?» ^ 


''^ JMHfiii^^Xft'% 

>isis S'&sifda-:! 'mM-i iso tSiS'i^*'^'^' »*■• 

*.'>'r:j-a:ii WX 








■ '- • ■■ • ■ 

^ r 

^^i'J.I- 'i 



--■■•"i'V .iftjj'X JUOJ«i'K;oirS>r 



paper on 



over the 



contracts to be c - f. '/ . t# 

Condon cade a trip to Mic , Pobruary IC he 

presented a talk at the L>ciiooi or . 

at liontana State University. At I 

Lions Cliib, the national Federation or Federal I> to the 

public and student body at the Univer ' ' -ind iraac curai;,; e:.ents for 

University participation in the Campf . .„ proi:^'iur. rier-e 3epteriber 1'/ 

Biolofdst Kittaos returned " ' 
Itontana, wiiere he attended a n;eetin£ . 
Kanagesaont January 29 to February 1, del 
Phot. 'vT for Kance studies •" 0- *■ ' 
Bosse park inatters and on the 
buffalo count. 

District Ran^r Ha , . ^ ol by plane of the Thorofare 
area in the southeastern comer of the park on i-'^ebruary 12, 'Jn ttiis 
trip, nail • ' .j«d to the Yellowstone Park Goi^panj- winterkecpers 
at Canyon ,: 

On February 12, Fred Martin, Charles l:;artin and Clayton 
Olson of the Llviii^stoii Clieunber of Contmrco vrere iii the office lo 
discuss the possibility of keeping op©:i the roads froii; the North to 
the South Ent as to provide yea^ .ad Ira. " ' r- Highway o9. 

A laeetiniT; of all Refjional Dii^e-. -efs of the 
Eastern and V^estem Offices of the Divisiuii oj. jo^-j^i ajid Construction 
i^as held witli ..ashin^.'ton Office officials iii ..asiiin^ton, D, C» Feb- 
ruary 25 through Ivarch 1. 

A staff raeeting of divis , rk 

officials was held February 20 in the conference rooc. Gn Februar*;,- 
15» a squad Jijcetin^^, involving; a ssaller iyroup of officials, was 
held in the Superintendent *s Office. 

li circular was issiMd Febm< ■ /i3in,r: the personnel 
organisation for tlie ilaoaoth Village , a^tL'^ent for the 1957 
season* k/iUiam 3« Chapman was desi^ 'ire Chief, ilobert r • 
'> ■ Inson First Assistant Fire C" " 3econd 

.^Istajit, Del^le Vi, Stevens Th . , u 0, iidwards 

Fourth Assistant, and crews were listed for traffic control and ia\; 
enforceaent, rescue and first aid, fire eii^inii, ladder, ;e, 
water supply and electrical* 

" ' .^ "" - . > " ; issued '■ '■'■' ■: '- er;i- 
i~. . .. , . .. Jtjrv . . .. id 

local instructions oii the installation of Lelu vision air. 

V. - - - - - ., . - i 

4«?X.£js^ ij50'SiS ii^'rl 5i -cxesm^Vi fos«fns4-©'f «»f.;t*l'» ■■}«?'^;oC©,»'^ 
I*©- '■ 

Sil^;; ?*> ..." '■ " ■ " ■" '"' "'^^ 


^fj* ,,^, . , , .■^ 

PJl»w-K? „.>,. 


4.'.. ■•«» 

•^?- felarf 



i ... I I- . J. . . ■ ,, , • ^ f 

James C« Urquhart, Forest Supervioor, Gallatin !lational 
Pbreet, Bozernan, li>ntana, retired Fobruar;^' 2:' '' ■* ' vin?: 39 of 

Govomraent service* Ho has been in Bozerrjui fc l/c yea 

chirixu: this period has been closely associated with Yellowstone 
operations. He is to be succeeded by Georf^e H. D ' .ck, Tju 
of 3t# Joe national Forest, 3t» 't&ries, Idal^o. 

rdscellaneous * The reg^:'' My jaeetinf: of the I'ational 
Federation of Federal f^loyees wa > the Canteen o!i Februar^^ 4» 

The /tjvierican Federation of Govemrjent !j;Rvplo78es held its 
February rneetinj;; and election of officers in the Canteen on the 11th 
and the following officers were elected for MiJuinc year: 

Charles R. ICaruiing, President; Lloyd K# U±iii.i.v, /ice President | 
Williara 0. Anastronc, oecretary-Treasurer; and Donald L, Cunnin^Vian, 
Sergeant -at-.\m3 • 

Deaths * Louis Stipac of Gardiner, T*ont. Ifid February 2$ 

in Gardiner. He was operator of the lianger Tavern r; Tine 

supporter and friend of the park and its people, - ^ces 

and burial were in Livingston on February 26, 

Births, A son, Bernard Thonas, was born Febraar\'- It? tc 
Mr, and llrs, Thoaas J, Hall in at the Ileirjorial Hospital in Livingston, 
Kr, Hallin is Construction Departasetfit Ilaiiager of the Yellowstone Park 

C^ February 28, a daughter, P.oxane, was bom at the Livin^;ston 
tJanorial Hospital to Vt, and Kra, Dale 5c:ianai:;£ai, Ilrs. 3c' :;■. 

the daughter of liTS, J, Earl Carr and h&s been visiting: at 
Carr residence here since Deceriber, 

Ijarr^ajges, l'xs» Margaret L, Sharkey, daufjiter of Mr. and 
Inrs, Ilalph Reed, and \villiaiG F, Billrnan, of Pray, iiontana, wer-e 
r.'iarried Februar:/ 7 at St, John^s lAitheran Chm- ' * •ingston. Ilrs, 

Billran is ei^)loyed here as a seasonal Clerk- r. , , .Mr, Billnari 

has also been an employee of the National Park service for the y>ast 
several seasons, 


Personnel . Henry J, Pratt ent aity at 1 p*'". Pebniar:.' 

lA by Fveinstater-ient (Career-Conditional) to the newl 
position of Personnel Clerk, G:>-5# He ipis ------^ ., ic 

Indian ocrvice at Portland, Ure^pn, 

fc;?fi ,W 1« 

'a -.:-:«*'3i" ' '-^r 

^ .^ ^■■■■■, , ^■.^•' 

^rr-i^i ;■■ ^ , JDan .*S'tI'i 

. .*i»'i:-. ^ Jti iw V*^ 



Hv •' jirojrjoted ?Qbruary 2li froiu LecVArdc, 

Aut<»»tive (. ,^ ic), C2»0d per hour, to Ileclianic ('{ea\^- 

Duty), $2.20 por h 

Oi the ^.. ^> "■. rni.-.^; ,g^^ . ...:.saii:n©d frOir: 

I5ec . Automotive '. .nl. to a jjerrianent 

: of the sai.a titi • 

Robert II, SJ^iarp, Supervisory PorV: Raji£:er, G3-6, wJ-io has 
^ -frorn the ^e Aujnist 2? in attendance at the Ili.o;hth 

^--, \^1 7r;dr" .,.air:r)^ ■••'hii\rton, D, C, di.3oontinued tlic 

traini; was i; ;1 status the i-einaiiider of the 

Month in coiiiiCCuioii ^xJ:\ 111; cljiani:© of headquarters to 

Biologist, Ci-"; :>- "5.)r ^•u _, _. „v;i»V- on. Pacific oeashore 

Study. He a^ ■Tn.iar'.^ 21 en route to ;r»an Francisco, 

This transfer will ue el 

J. Stanley Fillraore, St- ing Cleri-;, GG-6, received 

notice Febm;:: of selection foi' iii'orxtion and charxne of head- 

quarters to u..- ^^^ition '^^ ^.-pri ^'rficer, ar>-7, C¥and Teton !:ationai 
Park, to be effective abc- 

f-p^" ...orlind was furlou^hed Feb^ ....^ ^. 3 fron teciporar;.- 

:L'je, Leave and PajTOlL Clerk, GS-4, effective 10 a.;;. 
Feur-ua: Ich date i :s all annual leave earned. 

George J. Tracy, ^ntrol Aid (General), Q^-'}, returned 

to duty frora furlout^ Fcbruar;> achio siQ)ervi3or. 

Mrs. 3Ka3- _ .'. liilliga , .? ap}x>intii«nt 

(not to exceed Ilarcl* 12, 195?) ao seasoiial Gleriv-Jteno.Trapher, GS-3, 
effective Febiioarj^ 13# to assist in j^ersonnel work with ;>.egional 
Personnel Officer ^^eijosky. 

ISrs. Victoria !». Kurta entc. ^.... ..,^y February li". \r 

t^nporary appoint?-ient (not to exceed Ikrch 19, 1957) as Clerk- 
3tenocrai*ier, G3-3, l/.A.E. to assist vdtl; 'Blister Bust Control office 

On Februarj'" 13, Janes J. 3crens vias e^iven a bewporar^' 
appolntraent (not to exceed March 1- , i'^'t"'. .".- ;K,,Tv.t .'-.,- v^^v^ "^lorV:, a^-J 
in the garage. 

lira. Hnth ■;■;, Tiaijnack v.,... .urrnlnabed froti temporary' ^.^ ...,.^.b- 
B^•ot as Clerk-3L' ,;r, a3-3 at the cloae of I-^bruar-,' 2?. 

On February IB the Director ,^^.-.^..,^ the r^-^^... 
Position Ho. 139, Personnel Officer, frou Grade 03-9 to G^ 
Position IJo. 123, Personnel Assistant, fror:. G^ 

■..'n>'' tf .fS ' 1! ■ f rr* -A , •"-. ,■ V 

J, ,/,-U -;, , ».ti.-' •4»' v?» ■S.ti-AT* 

■if J' - 
C . 1 




^..AOvaTi/w^— d,* 

In-Service Traininr * -iervice Training: Co/tnittee 

appointed by the 3upf; ' ' * - of Chief Vajirer (Xto !1, 

Brown, Pork !:..r-.i_:incer < > native Officer laiiest 

Anderson, Lquipraent iJupervisor Robert lU Kobinscm and CJiief Park 
I^aturalist Darid de !• Condon 'net ' ■• - t^, office on I-'ebniar;; 7. 

Mr# Brovm sub -it tod a pro-rar- of ^ -ir activiLiea for the 

Protection Division and these were revi r«i approved by the 

eoEnittee* It iias recofi ' ' that there " nc of 

aU «B5)l07eea for tae rui ^ of outlinin jd frrw.: 

in-aorvice traininr; and the ir^rtancc to the individual ei^loyee of 
this type training ©cpcrience, 

;/• Toir. Millijan, Thoraas 3, f?yd©, Thoims i-;. '.larry, iilli;> L. 
" .'' "t and riondll D, Deal -vrars rjelected by the jxej^ion Two Office 

■ .cxmX the l?th General Adrdj-dsstratiOi: I'raiiiinf Coiirae, which is 
to be held in the region Two Office April 1 thr-ough 12. Theae co^arse& 
are given hj the Z< ' rr ' two of the regional offices ea.c}i year. 
They are in-aei-viu. .^ neotinf^s in w};ich those attendinr inten- 

sively study the broad outlinoss of Service policies, history, 
objectives, funcLions, adminJ.stration, orj;iani' ^icabie 

iei;i3lation, etc. ac they will have a better . .r of the 

Ger/ice, it£» problef;^ and its work, Walter H« iiittaris and I-aynard B» 
Barro»rs have also been r<-- 'ad to attend the ccwiferenco as partici- 
pants and Emoat i^nutrnc^ mttcmd the I,e;don Tv^o /idi^divistrative 
Officera CcmTerence to be "-: cive at that tiiie, 

A Pi'oiection Division a^i training: pro^p;*a:;i way started 
February/' 25 and will continue tlirotish March o. Chief iianger Brown 
and District r<an^er iJurplxy are the instructors oirid " * " ' ) 

£lbert L. Ilobiiiaon, Delrsar G. Peterson, Dc»iald K, ■= , . x . , 

lAcy, Lloyd Ii» Ho«ier, Ilobert M« Perkins, '.'illiard /• Applin^:, and 
Jaoes D. '/aider* Diployeos from other divisions 

A . * r of 195o for ' ■'' ^ ' ' "2th. Tac 

r-ei;ion Two : ^ ant Svtf-vey T< , j-s. available 

protecticaa personnel. T^»is board of fire review conference provided 
valuable in-3er\ricci training for those ^o partlcir' '^ foiv 
fire suppression last year as a review of their for- re cui. on 


On each Thuraday, Yellowstone's Weekly liews was iooned to 
keep eoployees, concessioners and others CTirrently infomed ' 

"Yellowstone Pruk. \\'j oniiiiK 

iM^Shi:^} 3ui;fA^'5l mJm>i^-^M 901 *i^, 

M- _,.„-,.,■ 

.:..-,ra '•t- 

« JiJ^.- :-.-«.. «■- , 

e^., - . , - ...... .- .-- . ,^ . ^ 

L.. • 

i • ( 

j^olsit&tq^ps &...>.* „-_-„.;■. ..,.„.■ lo n&iinfrt a «**, .,,.s...,^ ■..^. 

b'ttjv.'ar sjwj^-/ iv/» 

«i<f trno^W .dTifi*! snoitcTrotlsT 

Buildlnr Fire Protocilon , Kev. a of the 3ulldin£ 
Fire Suppression Crcvrs as well as list oi > xi > -^f and .\:-*-' -'- 
for Kanmoth Villaiie for 1957 vrere put out in c r forr . 

A recapitulation c hazards "- ■- ■ -- '— ' -^ 

buildings in the Ilanmoth arc the ar 

Sanitation . An air aar^-pling :■.. has beer " ~ ■ 

Kanmoth in coopetation with the Pablic : service 

Sar^ling Network and the first sainple was collected on ..ry 'us and 

19. A 24-hours sample is run o- ~ '■erii two weeks and tiiu-^u-c — 

sub.7iitted to the U. 3, I\ib3J.c ieivice at Cincinnati, 

Accidents and Public Safety . ''--^ --^-^'^'^^'^bile acci .^, .. 
reported this r:;onth, but numerous ve^ Tf the re a^: 

the Gallatin road and assistance was given by rangers on paJ^roi from 
West Yellowstone, 

Cooperative Activities 

General P ublicity . A press release was issued Fcbniarj' 2'J, 
to the Associated Press, United Press and local nevrspapers on 
E8tabli3hii«nt Day of Yellowstone National Park, :arch 1, in corrfaehLora- 
tion of the bill of Farch 1, 1872, creating Yellowstone as the first 
national park of the world '*for the benefit and e r\t of the 
people." The release included events leadin/^ up :._ ...j establishrrient 
of the park, its earl;v' travel, and the present MI.ioIO?i 66 prograri. 

On the 28th, a release was issued to the rajor portion of 
the park's laailin^ list on the oj:iening of Yellowstone roads for the 
1957 season and the icipracticability of si^tultaneous opening dates of 
all entrances in response to a request of ;;y( 1-- »s Governor Ji^apson 
to Director Wirth. 

The publication Ql>> .^..^.liful . -... ' ^or the crew of 
the U. 3. 3. YELLO.»vjTCiJE, in its February i ;t,ains a picture 

of the j^otograph of Old Faithful Geyser whici roi. 

Yellowstone to its namesake. The caption undez . ._ ,_- — --_. 
a hearty "Thank You" to the park officials from tlie Coi . officer, 
the officers and the nan of the U. 3. J. TiLLUJ'iJUOV^j, iT.c picture has 
been framed and will hang in the crew»s lounce. For some tiine they 
have been sending ua a copy of each issue of their publication. 

The final version of the 1957 Yel_ .. .__.__ Ich 

was received January 21 fjrom the Washinfjt-on Office for revim-. 
checked by Yellowstone personnel and subnit 
through the Region Two Office on February L.- 

A total of 47,860 Yellowstone -.ides for 1956 T' 
on hand at the close of the tnonth. 

^liUu-Wtluu^ iUik. 



^ -■■*^"-i:^ :i,?''r;.*T f\??i? ■»"'^o^^:^Q?, 

iiWdi,^ 'maeiiv lihSljiit.iiJ'.i.wSiNjJ i^w 







l^s str-'- 



•5a i 

ISO*; ■!>■,;.' 

■ iX'rt 


»$ «,£ .U «^ 

a^'ii. * X'.-' vv, ,■ , v ». 

■J w 

jR fonAtI CIO 

;.,aaiu.v/.7 .Jfl^-i SuomwoiisX. 

Reli/rious wjervlces and Chapel Use. Tho re^Tular Sunday Jc 
services %*ero held in the Yellowstone .'-iational Park "'' -^ — ' — - • uv 
Doming- at 10 a«ci« The regular winter rrdnistr?'' ch\u o 

held each Sunday noming; at 11 with Student I'd c Tho.-Jison 

handling the services. 

Interpretive ^^ervices . Park Maturaliat Condon {^ave the 
following: talks during the raonth of r-'ebruarj' : to the I-aniaobh I1!n 
on February 7 with 2o i^ersono present, to the I'&rniero Union at 
Eirdgrant on February B with 52 present, to the Lions Club at i^!ioooula 
on February 11 with L25 in attendance, to th- -' - -* iMblic Adi-rdn- 
istration at Missoula on the 12th with 31 i - le public and 

student body at liontana State University at i^dssouia on the 12th with 
an audience of 160, Lo the >*ational Federation of federal Snployees 
at Ilissoula on February 13 with 61 people present, to the Gardiner 
PIA on February IB with 21 in attendance, and to the Livii'igston Ilotary 
Club on the 27th witli 51 persons present. 

Or. Lowell C. Biddulph at the University of Texas has ■. 
using, during the Eiontli, "Geysers, IJudpots and Pools" and the (.l€v a-L i ^and 
movies. Dr. I.. lU .iOlfer used the ''Vsild ^Irxioal heaven*' riovie and 
showed three paovies to 500 people. 

Research and Gbaervation. A special i;xaiioranducri and inforaiation 
concerning: 3h proposed new place naioc jubrdttod on February IB, 

Alon^^ with this proposal were spec'- c to be rjade. In 

connection with the place naise cha . '(.h the develop- 

inent of the new topographic znap, the Grown Butte ^uadrangl .^- 
viewed for naxae changes and the park's sugp'estions on Irnpi ':,3 

and changes to tl^is quadran^jle wore sent to t>ie Region Zni of 

the U» S. Geological Purvey in Denver. >ie su^^ested that the najis 
"Turret i^Jountain" be c;-"— ' to "raeldruin Ix>untain" naL-djxf^ the ixiuntain 
in mecaory of J. "./. Vjh^ /.lo was U. 3. Gou-iL;53ioner in Yellowstone 

for SOEB /)0 years. 

C^ February- 14 the editor of yi«pi!dry.^ ".i ildlift- . U 
with soiTie inforiaation on observation: :ds of wolves in 

A special .veetintT . Id in the Gii 

February 18 at which tinvo t)- te control It) .^..a;. uwj.i^..-.iu ^w ^,iw. 

puck was discuaseci by Jtupcr-'. nt Garrison, t'ark Naturalist Condon, 

Biologist Kittaris, Chief own, and Ii,uf:ene F. Gi the 
Fish and Wildlife Service. 

A progress report on the research wori. lone by Kenneth li. 
Araitage was received early in the nonth and was fxautiv^ ^- ^ ;e Yellrn-- 
stone research library. I-te*. Arcdtai^e ia i-*Bu:if4>; an intc, ocoloi . . 
study of the Yellowbellied i'larnot. 


Yello-wstoi.r- V:.!i;, Wsiu " 

jQ><Hi'(^ T*^*"t*^- «*#.f|f^«^ &^ ■«!!!*** t'^.'^S^^ ^K 

mi4 p%lit>iiAti 


Ti^' ^ . .„ ■ , : 

Msig srxv<»a w«OTJ&#: LmXiik hum ■■■ 



«M^^ 0-.: 


1.- ,i',^'ii »i.<i 

tisluio^i'/ .yS'r^t srroiBiB'oftaT 

At the beginnln^^ of the raonth of fcbmary the >J.nerva 
Springs on the Manmoth Mot 3prin,r Terrac L its conrpleto volmiic 

of water and was vlrtuall;>r donmnt th" the iionth buL at the 

ffionth's close, a considerable anount a,[;jed.n covered the top 

of the terraces. The hot spring activitj at Highland Terrace has 
rrjoved back alon^: the rir. of that terrace to the vicinity of Cjranc© 
Spring Mound where it was active two years ago. 

Matural History Association . Cn ?eb— : — '■ the Yellowstone 
Library and liusea'a Association sent a check ii, uit of $1,080.00 

to ?!rs. Violet i^a^^ie for the purpose of purchasin^j' 12 lots in the 
foresta subdivision in Yosecdte National Park. t[\Q Yoae-.lte Ilatural 
History Association will act as agent for the Ycl.lowstone Librai-j and 
Musexin; Association and will take title to this propGrty, Eventually 
this land will becofise government property and "■ ■^*' -• vf^rdte national 
Park. The pa;^TV3ent for these lots was a gestiu vOperatioi; of 

the Yellowstone Association with Yosenite iji t .uteupt to f^ain 

possession of private holdings within that o Yellowstone 

Librar:/ and liiseuEi Association will be rejx. ; l,OaD.CX) as soon 

as the coraplete transaction associated with this land t /i' haa 

been finished, will probably be sorietisie Ln 19^-'. 

The first sldpnient was received Pebniai- f the neif 

edition of the book "The Plants of Yellavfstone i^':. Pai'k" by 

Dr. W. B. KcDougall and I!rs. 'ienra A, B^'j^xley. - 'if t^iis 

publication were sent to the authors, the Idbrai'y of uoiigress for 
comTight, the Regional Director, the Director'^ CaTice and tv-^ 
copies were sent to the Depaa'trnent of Interior Libraiy. Gopi o 

also sent to the Katui'e Magazine, natural History Ilaf^azine, I^atioiiotl 
Pai^s 1 Magazine and the Livingston Enterprise for exandnatio' ■^'^ ' - 
book review if they saw fit to print one. At the rwntb's 
word liad been received from those to whom the books ! 
except a good review of the publication "f .v^-^^. ^ - in^ston 


The Association purch^'-> A,.cioa-i..^v... . .-.ur-ds ■''^- '■"- •'■ 

the interpretive profpraEi frorr* t . ;rican IStiseun*. of Nh / 

and i!r. Paul Nesbit of Colorado oprings. It is ariticipated i e 

Association will purcliase a large na-rber ^^' -- ' ''ides from 
kodaalide dealers in order that this cla., aids rnat . 

will be ingproved. 

"The Story of OM Faithful Geyser^ * v.. :e D. 

Kau-ler early in the month and was revised by iiiix* the iionth's 

close had been sent to the Viheelwrii]:ht Lithoprints. ^ ^u .ialt Lat-.e 
City for a quotation froc thoa on the possibility of printin^^ 20,000 

yeijo ■• 

00. ■ --*! 



fti 9S»^ -sot l^fe^sf "£0 8»l?'.tIJiW8l»e.'^ ^s^^no'-a^a:| i^l.tisisn&fesA ai'iT 

.:■-' .•\> <>rro:t-.//orlsT 


ConccsGioners * fhmtley Child, Jr«, '/ice President of the 
Yellowstone Park Company, left the park Februarj^ 2 for .,'ashin.i^on, 
0* C* to attend a oeetin^: of the Western Conference on ' .iticr>ii.l Park 
Concessioners February 6 and ?• Other Yellovrst&ne cone 
officials who attended were J* E. Hayneo, President of lu^r*-^ x.-ic, 
and I^rs* liaynes, vrtio left Bozcrnan February /*, and John . ''ichols. 
President, Yellowstone Park Conpany, Hu^h D» Galushc. 
Park Cocspany, and Trevor Povah, Vice President of liai --t.i.L,;.'i . .u.'.^o. 
Inc. Jir. Cliild rotumod to Yellowstone the l/.th. 

On. Febniary 20, Superintend c-* "" approved ai-endr^ients 
to the Yellowstone Park Conspanj' Schecl. . including hotel, 
lodge, coffee shop and cafeteria cieal rate: ates, del 
baths. Old Faithful Lodge cabins and variour^ ov.uJ^i.^•. cabir!-. 
also approved the rates for the new Canyon Village inotel . dch 
are expected to be open by July !• Tlieae \/ ^10 for sin^^ie 
occupancy, ^12 for two people, vl5 for 5 txji^. „ ■ • ,17 for four 
people, European Plan, 

^iaintenance . The road crevrs vrere engaged in routine rriain- 
tenance during the ni>nth» Tlvls included six trips to Gooke City 
with two push plows and several days of cleaning: .ck 

from the roads with a scarifier and ice blades. 

Dui'ini;: the past oonth the iTaintenance crews sper Id- 
erable time on the l:£Lsmoth quarters rehabilitation. This x.^ui^iuod the 
installation of five cabinet type kitchen siima in quarters !'o8« 
10-3, 2U, 41, 43 and 50-A. Complete plumbing renovatit. 
repairs were accojnplisried on 12 park and WOX trailc^ 
project \fill aoan an icinense saving of tinie and niani 
spring and fall when these trailers are being I'eadied for living and 
being drained* 

Protection and iian/^r Jervice . Protection Divisiori activi- 
ties during tlie month included elk reduction throu^^h the 23rd, live 
elk trapping, aasistajice to State of I-iontana psen antelope tra}>- 
pin2, patrols to various points in the pari r. boundaries, air 
patrol over Thorofare, ski training beginnix.^ > u^i aary 25, — ' 1.7 
trips to Pdversidc gauging station, ranger nanual revisio: 
assistance on protection division reorganization, including p :; 
descriptions, organization charts and district laps. 

wildHfe and Fish Cultural Activities . /IPJTELOPE. Cn 
February 8, Kontana 3tate Fish and Game Departinent nen started jjutting 
up an antelope trap in the Stevens Creek area near Gardiner for trapping 




-', «■'. 1ll..■ 

?1/i«JI-- hm .A ■v'i: 



/t'C; --.I 

<v^'.'. '■ • « ■ .-«.. ' i ', -.}'rf .)*', T '■: * *♦ '-V'.r s^ ' 

•;!f*--.^r r^ 

.//.«:. _■ 4,-,^^.,. .,-\; -^ #vj ^•Ki'^ ^-..^i .'.j^"'- 

: ^.^ 

J .■r-.-i ,-%'!lit" .'-f .'rt>.-J 

t •• J «v;T 


».>■■«»=! i..;:t-o 

J„,*<.r'. •><.'. X •« 


#ja<^,i-i*J wiij.i^ja;^^.' i;/;^ i ,''&£.^iv '■ 


s-..- .">•:'?■' ■•[•.'/'. ofiolawoIIeT 

antelope for shipment to Nevada. The trap wao of a te. nature 
and the aninals vrere haaed into this enclosure by air*plaiiC, Sj having 
been captured on the 12th and 94 on tiie following- da;/. The ar.telopo 
yrere taf,g«d and 100 were eent to the Gtate of Ilevada on the 14th and 
16 to the rational Biscm Range, Ifoiese, Ilontar. , > 15th, Four 
were killed in trappinjg operations* The 12C l. . . . I'e clcsaified 
as follows: 43 i^aale adults, 9 tsale kids, CO fenials adult r ' feuiale 

BEAR3» Bear incidents in 195^^ vevQ sufaimidzed by Biologist 
Kittama* There wore IC'9 injuries and 10/ d sixteen 

black bears were killed for control. 

BIGHCsut 3II12;P. Five racis \-'< . ' ^Qd on Abiathar Pea>; and 
three rams on liount iU'orris. Other ob. s were tjiree sheep on 
Specimen Kidge and twelve on Druid Peak, u^eveial sheep were seen 
occasionally in the north Jkmnt P>ert3 area. 

BIoCSM. The aerial census csade by Biologist fiittacis on 
February 7 revealed animals by areas as follows: i^irehole, 116; 
Hayden Valley, 194 J Pelican, 88 1 and La»<ar, 145, totaling. 543. 

District Ranger Murp^ reported appr^oxiuately 70 bulls and 
cows in the Horseshoe area, and scattered bulls tlirou^jhout the Lsarar 
area. Twenty- five were observed in the Joda Butte area on the 14t)i. 
Twenty- four were counted in the Hayden Valley south of ^ i the 
12th by District lianger Way on his airplane fiigiit. 

The old bull previously reported at 3t*jven3 Creek in the 
north end of the park near Gardiner seejiis to be naking out all right 
but food is scax^ce. 

COYOTES. Districi, ^.. .. E. F. Grand of the Pish and 
Wildlife Service, Billings, net with the Superintendent and his 
staff on February 20 to discuss coyote control near the park boundar:> . 
^!r• Grand ajq^lalned why he liad not notified as before placing t.he 
1D60 poison station on Tepee Creek and he iiidicated he would tr^*- to 
effect coyote control in the future at locations fartyier fron: the 
park. That station waa removed by the Fisli and -rildlire Jervice ajout 
the 4th of February. 

BliC . Direct reduction of t hor-^i vio.s concluded on 
February 23. A total of 339 elk carcasi. by this pro- 

gram during the ij»nth and furnished Indians aiiu .iio" ,xyntana Gtatc 
University. Two elk v/erc lost after beiii{, vr rded. The total reduc- 
tion of elk by direct method is 739 for thi 

ducceas was attained in furnishing; 2f} U range 
stocking at Verrnijo Park New Maxlco, and 26 for ran^e ntoekinjr; in the 
Hell's Canyon near Butte, Ik>ntana. 




Ma i'&s-a'?. 'isjr.^i&ldk sio hmffimiki t^^*^ ^»«««if «vl'? , 
B^m mi&!0 iift-^^i^i .,'„,;.v,r,..v,sri..- 



». -; \ ; 4.. i.. -. •' ^ ' .-• ■ -orj 

Mm& rf«i1. ©«y- to lig&'sD «^ * 

» 'i:<i*- ' 



^ X. ^<■J a £y <UaiA 

Live trapping will be continue It is possible to 

capture elk as there are outlets for aa i-u;;, ... ''■ captured. 

The Gardiner, Kontana, hionting area . for elk 

hxinting on January 26 and rerained open Wir't — '• Officials 

of the 'contana Departinent of Fish and Gaiae ; , l-:illed by 

hunters during, this late season and 45 eli< ers in the 
regular fall season. This brings the total iul.^c nil' fron 
the K'orthem Yelloi/stone Herd to 345 elk for tyie v 

A crippled oik found in the Stevens Crcc' "--a on the 11th 
was disposed of* 

As TiiSkny as 360 animals have been observed froi.; tho ]\ii!)iMa.y 
in the Gallatin area between Fan and Tepee Greeks. They are be'-inrin;' 
to show signs of hard winter and poor graain{> A afoall bunc^.v < -• > 
being fed hay from a private source, near t^; r,-: , — — -- ;, uiixi. 

Eleven elk killed by rangers near Cr; 'ebruar;>' 

16 were exarrlned by Biolorist Kittarns. Tlie one '^.ix. uj.-^ - :;.i.-i; the 
one bull, about a tliree-yeai~old, was of iiiediuri flesh as wore ei^^ht 
of the cows; and ons cow was thin. 

The possibility of eoctending the park»n di^ m 

program to the Stevens Creek area in an attem] it of 

part of a lar,—' i—--: .,_f ^r^ across the park bou;uajv ^i,.-.-^ , i'».afci;>.ed 
for concurror -. - Director of the I Montana Fish and Carsic Department. 
The Director had already decided to close the eB: season in the Gardiner - 
Jardine area on February'' 10, so no action was taken on our request. 
Apparently/ certain (-xoirps opposed to the late ell. season brou.<^ht con- 
siderable pressure cai the saioe department wliose jxjople -d there 
was danger that the extended season would encourage let,iox.iL.xvc action 
to take authority for setting thi?* eiv se^-ison "ror the Oofml salon, 

FI3I. Biol02i5*> i.X'^wa :.t> vij-iJ-Ju^^ii^'i v<aj.-J.iAU,i "" hajfVci>./ of 

brown trout according to lure types, tL':x3 of season ; joI lliidt 
with several lk>n isheries biologists in Bosesnan on x'^ebruai^^ 6. 

Ran/^ . F 7 was unusixally warm, tb ., e 

when the temperature rose above freesdn^; arv lays did 

the miniraxRi fall below zero at lianifioth. Pr€:cx;>xociuj.u!i uii^re c . /, 
inch was 7^ per cent of the normal, 1.23 inches, 
February removed snow from portions of tlie cri 
warm periods betifeen Febniary U and 19 ond coii^ 
22, snow melted, especially at low elevations. 
alternate thawinc and f reeling about rdd-rnontby lindtinf; area av 
for foraging. By the end of the ironth roich -■" '■'■■^ — " ..-".. \;^, . 
Groek was open and considerable old forage .liere 

only small spots were devoid of snow and they have vor:' little forace 


'li/'h vrij 





Jnow ha. 

h the 

,b^nf^iqm <»4 fm^i mat 5-lt ■■im^ «A "tol ai*®!,^ ^^m tn«>t-i a« sill® <rKM«|Jt» 

« '• 

J.O s/i 

<^^;' rrTiTCf 


i^^*,-j i0 t^ijaiw iss..' 


left on thenu Qxainination of cr - r " - ' luLtc 

^erc there waa virtually nc -^ . i>er of 

sagebrush bushes v^ich liad I ,ly lifiit\y 1j eating the 
low palatabllity of Uiis 

l!r» Kittaias delivered his i r oii color 
r" ' ' ;budies to about, i;^ . ©ricr 

, ^ement at Great Falls . -.iid ret ^ 

to the paiic the following day* 

Detailed study of plant cha^.^ _ . . oouir- 

pleted for the annual range report. 

Forest Fir^ Protection . C>.i ?& „ ;cin^ va 

ssrs. Bagfiley, Castro and r?arvey of the llanagenent Review Tear., 
.c-donal Personnel Officer Qne^sky who ' ' o r;ef:ioncal 

Lce, and 14 ncoibers of the pBxk staff hi . ■ r. iinj! 

all of the available rangers who participated in the s\:qpprcssion of 
any of the forest fires last suOTier, for a review of the 195*^ fire 
season. Actiwi cm the Surprise Ox^eek fire was considered in detail 
along with a brief review of seven other fi Lch occm^red. 

Due to the lack of a sufficient nuci>er of qualified . . - 
cants to fill all of the fire control aid positions, letters were 
sent to a nud>er of forestry schools giving infortiatior '-^ii 

the wDzic aiid aolicibintj applicants. 

Tom Ililligan, Smoke jUBiper Squa ' ' ' ' cons! 

time preparing cloth-backed revised top<.\, . . : snio: < ^ , 

use. These wex*e isade In two slses, one for use ± plane and 

acMoe in sinaller sections for use by the rrisn after ;.ac. ' 


The airplane contract was sub: * 
February 26. 

lldinj.:, were 
becTin. . ,.. . .otorn are 

being selected for six and one-half da^rs 
forest fire suppressicai training* 

Blister Ivust Control * .lability vroro i 3ii 

nen **io trorked on the Blister : 
selected few from former years* 

fron ID laen who wish to return to Yellowstone and wortc on thl 
nvxt suBiasr. 


to '1w 

sdJ 3-i;tf Jj&oir^iat ^.iawBtwrKi' y^sn;^ -yjji^ «sa»«'^c? ^ 

*l>»tis?»s© i!®i:f*%# m'tl^. limM^ Sif- M^iif l^iwi^ 

?/ Tf " 




■♦ - 

V --- 

Asb n^er ■ ^ is achedxiled to nseet wit)i 

U» S# Forest .^^rvx'^^ i^xat <.-j;i.ivl jaorsonr^' ~' ' n^oula, 

t-fentaiia, the week of .- • This /ceotin/: has >■ -jed for 
the purpose of dovelopiry: plans for next suKiaer's work, 

Cii Fobniary 8 Hr« Barrows gave a talk on b_ 
the Hcgion Two staff and a Forest .'jenrice naotion pictijr shown, 

F6r«8ter Gyrm of Missoula advised Glacier, Grand Teton, 
Rocky Mountain and Yellovrstone about purchases of pur.ips, chendcal and 
rrlscellarieous itecis to be made with the expected additiorxal i,lC,OOC 
for blister rust control in the current fiscal yeai'. He is :.^etinf 
at rtissoula I larch h—^ vdth Messrs. Carinavina froiu Glacier and Ldv.'ards 
from Yellowstone retiarding personnel and 195? ' '^' ^'^lons. 

The lyerwer and Seattle General .ierviees Adiadnistration 
offices are beirtfj contacted regwding pi-ices and availability of 
/aotor veliicles wtxicli iHLy be rented for blister rust work as it is 
planned to use this soui'ce for transportation in lieu of buirin^ 
tional or replacement trucks. 

Forest Insects * A request for 064»50C has beer, submitted to 
control a 5C,GCQ acre area infested %dth spruce biuiwor.' *"■ '-•) v,v. ,,,■ ,,.0 
and, in addition, vlO,000 has been recreated to conduct 
study to assess the effects of aerial DDT spraying. The v 
Insect Laboratory is conducting budworm. studieo x^Oi^ardinx: '- 1^- -on- 
trol project which will be undertal<en only upon evidence indicatiji^: 
high insect population and absence of effective natural controls hy 
parasites or disease. Bole samples collect;-^ '- '•--•—/• by the 
Laboratory for population studies have not - expected 

eraersence of larvae to date and it n&y be r: ry to obtain nev^? 
tree sections daring the sprinf r^-'hs. 


/fcj.,tw >/»©»: o>7 Mlist^da^ «i 9iy'^m^ 't&^iOeS t 



,»*^i®Mr »:«-itiiis^«!i«is 4»»ii ^o'i aew^l'i ^i*|«^3L0v^ "i© •««qTB»| wto 

»mo^ um &vs^J:i{ iSOiiJcH* 5&3i;iri«S J«9iro^. .•& &n« "Jls^t smT -ii&i^fi^i (Wid 

^M>^#t b*:4e^ ^mi^MOD imk^tM MmmBl %» m^^P i[«^f*-*^*T 


,s; i.f-^iV-iV 

:- lO i: 

.:. JKJJL^. 

®€f ^' 


Deal/Ti and Con vOn 

atruction. Bids were .nd contracts have been 

let for materials for the canpfirc circles at Fiaranoth and v;est Thuri> 
and the Can^'on arnphi theater. These contr r. , -^^^^.^^^j^ 

and galvanized ijetal seat supports. The i ly let tin/;: 

of these bids is the delivery dates on these rnaterlals are frofi, 75 to 
90 days. 

Utilities . Superintendent Garrison r^ .ry 4 

with ?lountain States Telephone and Tele^-raph CoLipiu 
telephone contracts. 

On February 27 a raeetinf; was held in the 3u; " - 

Office to complete nef^otiat ions on the private line n. 
with the Telephone Coiripany. Those present were Joe Pavilus, lior 
Sales Kiana^er; Louis I-iaurq^xartlt, Assistant 3ales liar ' lena, 

I-tontana; and Harry Wataon, Cheyenne, VVyossing, to bf _« of the 

installation of the l-'iountain States facilities to be placed in the 
park; and Messrs. Garrison and Harrdlton. )n that (■ -act 

was signed providing; for the private line network . i.ed in 

the park to serve the Park Service and the Yellowstone Park Con^aany, 
Hanilton Stores and Yellowstone Park s^ejrvice ^stations. 

On the saim date Mr. Hanilton left fo- Beting; 

with Telephone Company officials on telephone cor.vraci.3. 
fcrred with J. U. Shepherd, Attorney foi- the ilountai.n ;>tate: 
phone and Telegraph Company, to review final revii.1 id con^e to 

complete afreenent on the conditions of tv ror the ' " 

phone operations a/jreeDent and the purcha^ agreecient 

signed March 6 in Casi^)€r, v/yordng. 

The Western Office of Design and Consi Is /itterrptin^. 

to get the radio frequencies for the radio systeir: to be installed in 

the park next spring by Land Air, Inc. of Chicago, ' by 

the Department iiadio Advisory Coianittee. 

Warren F, fla-n-dlton 
Acting; Juj:jerintendent 

Monthly Pro£re»8 Report attached 
In triplicate 

Copy to Re/:ion Two w/c attachment 

Files (2) -^ 

Joffe Office Files ,_ 
ekm -^-^ 

■"; bns, 

^' % 

3^' 0- 

*!a. !.%.^. 


, ,,vV ^■♦*- 


^ (S) selJE:'? 
esix'? soillO onoL 

Jiir-ovw ,^;;T jjnoJawo/toT- 





Left to right: Vvarren F. Hamilton, 'ssistant Superintendent, Yellcr-.stone; 
Joseph A. Pau.LUS, Montana Sales Manager, Mt. States T. & T. To,, 
Helena, Mont.; Harry Vatson, Wyoming CommerciaJ ' ept., Mt, Stateo T. 
& T. Co., Cheyenne, .vyo, (Will be in charge of installation of thr 
system in the park); Louis F. Marquardt, ftssif^t-int Sales Wanager, 
Mt. States T. & T, Co., Helena; IvCmuel A. Garri --on, Sunerintftndent, 
Yellovrstone, signing. (Picture taken in Supt. larrisonM of 'ice ^. 

February 27, 1957 

>.oto b^ 


YTTT^ a--- 


Superlntertdent Garrison boar 
Entrance. This is fir^ 
tendent visiting the 

novrplane on trip f'roir, Mo ran to oouth 
n record of c Yeliov/stnne suoerin- 
outh fcntrsnce in mid-- inter. 

Jan. 25, 1957. 

' hoto by; K-TroKf) 


Several orersnotr vehicles demonstrated near Divide Hi tl 5n th<* 
Gallatin area, :«ft to right: Frandec 3no--;-'.hu, snoir- 
plauvj, Christie ''Bearcat". 

Jan. 25, 1957 

hoto by: Jones 

YELIi)W' ~ "'^ NATIONAL pftHK 

Ear-tagging antelope trapped at Stevens Creek before ahintent to 

State of Nevada 

Feb. U, 1957 

Photo by: Bea} 






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M^Bnu^^prii 11 



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